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Retirement as it Should Be

We recently recognized how many of our own horses are seniors aged 20+ years and realized that we can offer that care to others looking to retire their best friend. Without realizing it, Desert Horse Adventures has been home to many senior equines since its inception. Our senior horse partners have been enjoying days at pasture with only an hour every few days to walk riders across rivers and over light trails. 

Angel, now 32, has been here for 8 years. Smokey Joe, 24, has been here 7 years, Spirit, now 25, has been here 6 years. Numerous other senior horses enjoyed time with us while their owners transitioned in life from horse owners to non-horse owners and back again, at which time we returned them.

We are a small operation but realize we have room to care for retired, senior horses. All horses are in pasture 24/7 but we do maintain half a dozen 20x40 paddocks should someone need to come in for a bit.

Beginning in October 2023 we will be accepting retired senior horses on a month to month basis for $300/month. Supplements purchased by their owners will be fed daily along with unlimited grass hay. 

There are 20 acres contiguous to our property that we would love to purchase for expansion. Contact us to learn how you can help.

Question? Isn't the desert hot??? Yes, to us. The horses don't seem to mind. They have nowhere to be and just laze about usually in the sun. We have shaded areas both manmade and by trees, but they don't seem inclined to spend all their time there. Unlike higher areas like Prescott, we don't get snow, freezing rain and the number of inclement weather days that they do.

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