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Ranch Rides


Adventure Rides are $120. They include one or two children sharing the same pony. Extra pony for size adds $20.

Youth Adventure Pony Rides

We offer even the youngest riders a real trail ride experience with logs to step over, a hill to ride up and down, and branches to duck under. Enjoy a little more adventure with our cones, ramps, logs, and possibly half barrels. Each hand-led ride is customized to the rider's interest and ability. No prior riding experience is necessary. 


Older children are offered the opportunity to steer and control the pony on their own if they are interested. A mini lesson is included. Often little ones enjoy a solo trip in the round pen. 


The hour program includes a ride for one or two children who share the same pony with time to brush, pet and help saddle up the pony. $120


Additional children are $30 each; plan to spend more time.


*We also offer half hour rides for $60 includes up to two children under 4. No time for brushing or petting with these.



NEW!! Take a spin in our pony cart with Awsome. Experience driving him around obstacles and in our open field. Includes brushing, harnessing, driving time, unharnessing and returning him to the field. Adults take the pictures! $120 for an hour.

I will be the second passenger in the cart. This is a new addition. Awesome is not capable of driving for a long time so part of the hour is spent brushing, harnessing to get him ready and when done, leading him out to the field. You may share the ride time with multiple children who take turns with the available seat.

Waterslide/Pony ride

Whenever the weather is really warm, enjoy a waterslide and pony ride. One hour split between riding and sliding as you wish; wear your bathing suit! $170 includes 4 kids.









Teen & Adult Rides

Whether you're a first time rider or looking to get back-in-the-saddle confidence or experience, we have a horse to help you out. Real trail ride experiences will ready you for a trail ride off-site. Ask about gift certificates. $90 hour lesson


Whether you are a new rider or experienced in a specific discipline, we offer a complete horsemanship education including stable management, riding, equine care and maintenance, trailer driving techniques, and ranch management. Advanced lessons (for a limited time) with or without your own horse are possible by Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey ( Auditing fee while Samantha trains at this ranch is $25. See Remote Horse Coaching and Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey

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